A BRP stands for a Biometric Residency Permit and is similar to your South African ID.

It states all the biographic details of the holder, including name, date, and place of birth, as well as fingerprints, signature, and the facial image of the card holder. Your BRP is your proof of right to stay, work or study in the UK and is a very important piece of information.

The BRP also states your immigration status, and any entitlement or restriction of access to public services and/or benefits. Once you receive your BRP, if you leave the UK, you need to carry this with your passport in order to come back into the UK.

A BRP is issued for anyone applying for stays longer than 6 months.

Once your visa application is approved, you’ll receive an entry visa sticker that is valid for 30 days, and once you arrive in the UK, you will need to collect your BRP within 10 days or before your entry visa sticker expires. When you apply, you will need to give an address in the UK of where you’ll be staying on arrival, and your BRP will be made available for collection at a post office nearest to that address.

You will need to present your passport and the letter that accompanies your visa application approval when collecting your BRP.

If you are planning on applying for British citizenship, once you have attended you naturalisation ceremony you will be required to return your BRP to the Home Office and may be issued with a fine or penalty if you do not.

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