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At RCV International we understand that one of the most important steps to relocation is your visa approval however what can be overlooked initially is international employment.
What we suggest to our clients, is to start the employment search at the same time as the preparation for their visas.

Before you begin we suggest you consider the following:

· Your CV in the UK recognised format
· Cover letter related to the specific job application
· Please be mindful of your social media accounts
· References up to date
· Police Checks where applicable
· Highlight sectors and companies you would ideally like to work for

Often one gets the feedback from UK recruiters or employers stating that “we” South Africans don’t have UK or London experience, please do not let this get you down as soon enough you will have this experience.

Having experienced the stress of leaving South Africa on a UK Ancestry Visa and having no employment lined up let along interviews arranged I understand the worry clients may experience.
Having a solid recruitment plan in place asap will alleviate a lot of stress.

Should you wish to discuss a recruitment plan further, please do call us on 021 412 1501 or email

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