For many, if not everyone, applying for visas for the UK, finding a job before or when you arrive is a daunting prospect. In fact, for a few visas, the ancestral, spousal and working visas, a job is a requirement in order to meet either financial or the actual visa requirements.

The job search is daunting in any normal situation, but now to find a job in a foreign country makes it that much more nerve-wracking. We have a few tips to assist your job search

  • Reformat your CV. The UK can be pedantic about the format in which you present your CV. If you’re unsure of this or are worried that your CV isn’t in the correct format, contact Robyn Lamb today to ask about our reformatting services.
  • If you’re applying for a Tier-2 Work visa, ensure the company offering you a job gives you a Certificate of Sponsorship and is a registered sponsoring company.
  • Although this is in all likelihood easier said than done, be prepared and make it known that you’re open to flying over an interview. A company seeing that you’re open to flying over for an in-person interview will be more open to meeting you and seeing what you have to offer. If you believe you have enough to offer that it’s worth flying over for, they will believe it too.
  • Because most UK companies prefer in-person interviews, you may need to fly over here sooner to only apply for jobs and go for interviews. This can be tricky but it’s worth presenting yourself in person than trying to organise a Skype interview.
  • Make sure you have a legitimate, actual job offer from the company before you add it to your application. You need to present a written offer with your application in order for Home Office to see you have one. An email stating they’ll send you one soon will not suffice.
  • Wrap your head around salary expectations for the UK and acknowledge that you may need to accept less than what you’d like simply because the UK places high value on actual experience in the UK.

If you’re starting the job search process and need your CV reformatted, contact Robyn Lamb and her team today. Email for easy assistance and fast turn around times.