There are many discussions on the various social media groups about whether to use an immigration agent or to just do it yourself.

There are always individuals that advocate for the simplicity and costing saving of doing it yourself, and then there are those who simply say do it yourself, but simply because of their previously bad experience using an immigration agent.

Technically, one could do any visa application themselves, but there are a host of reasons why using an immigration agent makes sense.

  • Experience

An immigration agent has the experience that provides unique insights regarding various applications. This experience is in the actual applications themselves, the various high commissions, any complications that can arise, refusals, processing times and changes to the system. Visas can also differ greatly – the UK visas vary from Australian ones, and a simple visitor’s visa is substantially less complicated than a settlement visa. An immigration officer’s experience makes them well-equipped to deal with all kinds of visas, unless otherwise specifically stated.

  • Knowledge

With experience comes knowledge. Using an experienced immigration agent means working with unique knowledge on the process and the high commission. An immigration agent will be aware of all the requirements, small insights and how to complete your application in a way that will best ensure approval. An experienced immigration agent will also be well-aware of the ever changing processes at Home Office and will be able to update you accordingly.

  • Patience

The visa application process is not an easy one. It comes with a lot of stress and worry, especially when certain visas, like the settlement ones, cost so much. Immigration agents are well-versed in dealing with the stress and worry that comes with this process and can assist you with your application with patience and attention to detail. Applicants who apply on their own and are stressed or worried about the application can make mistakes that may cost them their visa. Immigration agents know exactly how to fill in each form and are patient and calm through the whole process – even when it may seem like your visa will never come through.

  • Connection

Because an immigration agent deals with the application companies and Home Office or High Commission on a regular basis, they’re able to follow up when appropriate to establish the status on your visa. They’re also able to appeal a refusal and question the reasons behind a wrongful refusal.

If you’re about to apply for a visa and were previously unsure of whether to use an agent or not, contact Robyn Lamb today and she’ll be able to assist you with any questions you may have. Email Robyn on today.