With the festive season around the corner, many people are applying for their UK visitor’s visas for a UK winter.

Many people assume it’s a pretty straight forward application, and whilst for the most part it is, one of the biggest issues is proving to the High Commission that you will in fact return to South Africa.

The UK has an incredibly high number of visitors who overstay their visas which means they are incredibly strict on making sure applicants prove that they will return to South Africa and not overstay their visa.

  • Employment

One of the first ways to prove that you will return is through employment. If you’re working, you’ll need to show an employment letter or contract, or a letter from your employer stating that you have taken leave and they’re happy for you to take leave for your trip.

  • Registration

If you are unemployed, it makes things slightly harder as the High Commission could see it in a way that you have nothing to come back to and could stay in the UK indefinitely. Being registered as a student or for a course starting after your trip is a good way to prove that you have commitments to return to and thus won’t overstay your visa. Anything like a university course, a yoga course or cooking course will work to show you’ll be returning to study.

  • Bank loans

Another way of proving your return is through a solid bank loan. A house mortgage or car loan is the best option, but an ordinary or student bank loan works well too. If you can prove that you have a loan out in your name and that you will return to continue making repayments through bank statements, this will help, although normal bank loans should ideally be backed up by something else.

  • Commitments

Lastly, obtaining a letter from a church or organisation stating that you have a church or organisation commitment to come back to can also assist with proving your return but isn’t the strongest way and ideally should be supported by other evidence.

If you are applying for a UK visitor’s visa and are unsure of how to prove your return, contact Robyn Lamb today. You can email her on robyn@rcvinternational.com today with any questions on your UK visitor’s visa.