The Tier 4 Student Visa is a great way for students to access the UK’s highly sought after education opportunities.

This visa option also means that the tertiary education institution has to, in essence, act as the student’s sponsor and manage their students. Each institution has a responsibility to report any students who fail to reach certain benchmark standards including class attendance.

The only problem with this visa option is that it does not lead To Indefinite Leave to Remain and is only granted for as long as the chosen course of study. This visa also limits how students can work should they need additional financing. In cases where work is permitted, the intention must only be to supplement the income of the student, and is typically limited to 20 hours of work a week during term time.

Should you wish to access Indefinite Leave to Remain, you would need to switch to the Tier 2 (General) category from within the UK, and this can only be done once your studies are complete.

This switch will allow the student to reach Indefinite Leave to Remain but each case will naturally be looked at on an individual basis and each case’s elements affect how and when Indefinite Leave to Remain can be reached.

If you’d like to switch in order to reach Indefinite Leave to Remain, contact RCV International today. Robyn Lamb will happily answer any questions regarding this switch and the two visas, and will assess your case. Email or contact 021 412 1501 today.