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UK Visa Processing Times

Robyn Lamb, RCV founder, Cape Town

May14 2019

The waiting time for your visa can be a little stressful. Usually the Home Office will give you estimation as to how long you can expect to wait, but this isn’t always accurate and is more to pacify applicants. Furthermore, your waiting time depends on the visa you’re applying for.

In most cases, these are the average waiting times you can expect for the various visas:

  • Long term visiting visas (more than 6 months) – 10 days
  • General visiting visas (6 months or less) – 15 days
  • Business visit visas – 10 days
  • Family visit visas – 15 days

In general, the average time you can expect to wait is 8-12 weeks for most settlement visas. Although you may have heard that the Home Office works in working days, it’s often safe to work in weeks as this has proven more accurate. Applicants do also have the option of paying for a priority service but this usually takes about 6 weeks.

Rarely, applications can take up to 24 weeks to be processed but this doesn’t happen that often and if you are using an immigration agent, like RCV International, your immigration agent can follow up with the Home Office to find out what the status is.

RCV International has great experience with visa processing times and is fully qualified to follow up with Home Office when required. Contact Robyn Lamb today to speak to her about your visa application. If you made the application on your own and have not heard from Home Office, Robyn and her team will be able to assist you with following up on the status of your application.

Email robyn@rcvinternational.com or contact 021 412 1501 today.