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Nowadays, people-processing is the norm. In more and more businesses and institutions, people are being regarded as faceless products to be processed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. OK for some kinds of business perhaps, but not for recruitment. To be sure of the client company getting exactly the staff it needs, the recruitment company must have time to acquire in-depth knowledge of the company and of the position/s it wants to fill. Then armed with this knowledge, the recruiter must use it to find the candidate that will fit the position perfectly. As well in fact as the glass slipper fitted Cinderella’s little foot! This is how we work at RCV International. Our years of recruitment experience have made us aware of the vital need for deep and accurate knowledge of both client and candidate. Once we have the mandate to recruit for your company we can guarantee you an “one on one service”, prompt feedback at all times, quality service, and exceptional professionalism

We are BEE - Level 2 Accredited

Our sectors of experience are in renewable energy, oil & gas, financial services, construction and property and retail and telecoms. Our research team handles response management, comprehensive research for salary surveys and recruitment planning.

Putting People At The Centre Of Our Operations

We save you time

We understand your time constraints. As your recruitment partner it’s our passion to orchestrate a thorough search and screening process of potential candidates that will add value to your business and people you can train to reach your organizational goals.

Response Management

An ever expanding inbox of unread emails, folders of online application forms gone unread and hard copy CVs waiting in your in tray…Is this your nightmare? Why not consider using RCV International to handle your “Response Management”? RCV International’s team of experienced recruiters and researchers will give you the peace of mind knowing that applicants are responded to in a timely and professional manner, your company’s name is intact and that you can sleep at night. We tailor make our response management packages to your budget requirements…Contact us for more:
RCV’s sectors of experience are:

  • Renewable Energy ( Solar, biofuels and hydroelectricity)
  • Oil & Gas ( Oil development, gas processing, chemicals & petrochemicals)
  • Financial Services ( Financial Managers, Asset Managers, Investment Managers, more)
  • Construction & Property ( Project Management, Senior Management)
  • Retail & telecoms (Senior Management, Consultants, IT, and more)

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of recruitment and staffing solutions. If you do not find the solution you are looking for, or are unsure of something, please contact us so we may give you expert advice and guidance.

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