Moving in general is a notoriously stressful life event.

Moving to another country is bound to be even more stressful. However, there a few ways that you can make the process of moving to the UK a little smoother.

– Visas

Your first step is to make sure you know what visa you’re applying for and that you meet all of the requirements for that specific visa. Choosing an agent, like Robyn Lamb from RCV International, will help remove some of the stress of the visa process. Agents work with visas and the visa process every day so they are incredibly knowledgeable on requirements, processing times and every box you need ticked. Additionally, visas can be costly so it is well-worth investing in an agent that will help you save money, time and stress. For any help in alleviating this element of stress, contact Robyn Lamb today on

– General admin

Make sure you sort out all the admin you’re leaving behind. Close accounts, cancel medical aid and finalise any contracts you have. Trying to bring these to a close from the UK is tedious and stressful. Make sure you have this sorted out before you leave to give yourself some peace of mind.

– Manage your expectations

Don’t go into it with rose-coloured glasses on. Read blogs, do research, speak to friends or family that already live in the UK and make sure you know that the grass is always greener where you water it. No country is perfect and moving to the UK with a good knowledge of what to expect will make life easier.

– Check the weather

It may seem like a small thing, but if you’re a summer person, try to move over at the start of summer. Going from a winter in SA to a winter in the UK is difficult, especially when you’re not used to the kind of winter the UK brings. Summer will also allow you to do more exploring and make your new country feel a little bit more familiar and like home. Likewise, if you’re a winter person, try move over in winter when your love of cold and rain will make you feel at home.

– Stock up

If you can, try bring over some of your favourite things you may not be able to get in the UK. Little things like Ouma rusks in your morning tea will make things feel a little more like home and help you feel a bit more settled.