Do You Need to Do An English Language Test for Your UK Emigration Visa?

Robyn Lamb, RCV founder, Cape Town

April 03 2019

For many, this many seem like a silly concept. I’m from South Africa? Why would I need to do an English language test? Well, considering that South Africa has 11 official languages, and that many of our universities are dual-lingual, an English language test makes sense in order to prove you’re able to live, work and communicate adequately in the UK.

There are two ways to get this box ticked off for your visa.

  • Approved English Qualification

This applies when you check whether your tertiary institution is approved as an English speaking institution. You will need to pay a fee to have your institution checked, however, if it is not approved, you will then need to pay to write the English language test.

  • Write The English Language Test

This is the IELTS test which stands for International English Language Testing System. Depending on your visa, you will either do a written, speaking, listening or reading test, or a combination of the four. It can be tricky though, as those who studied through UNISA, may not have to write the English language test, and those who studied through Stellenbosch University may need to write the test. This is because many of Stellenbosch’s course are held in Afrikaans, whereas UNISA is entirely in English, and this would then cause them to have concerns regarding your English abilities.

The English language test has different requirements for different visas, and it is important that you know which test you need to write. Speaking to a professional emigration consultant can help you identify which test you need to do, if at all.

For assistance with which test you need to write, contact Robyn Lamb on, or visit today. With over 25 years of experience in assisting people with their UK visas, Robyn and her team are more than qualified to help you with your English language test requirements.